Spray Foam Roof Coating

Spray foam must be protected from sunlight immediately. Coated foam with hail or animal damage needs to be repaired and recoated without delay.

What type of spray foam do I have?

spray foam roofing

Spray foam is available as open cell and closed cell. Closed cell foam is used for roofing applications. Since UV degradation begins as soon as the foam is installed, roof coatings are installed as a protective coating.

UV Degradation = Expensive Repair

spray foam degradation Exposed foam quickly goes from yellow to dark orange and when that happens, it becomes brittle, crumbly and starts absorbing water.

Bad foam cannot be coated. It needs to be scarified down to good foam, new foam needs to be put down to fill the area. Don't delay. Re-foaming is costly, re-coating isn't.

Why do I need spray foam roof coating contractors?

We specialize in spray foam roof coatings. We do more coating jobs than the average roofer and understand the importance of good surface preparation.

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