Single Ply Roof Coating

What type of single ply roof do I have?

single ply

EPDM is an elastomeric membrane roof. It looks like a rubber tire tube or a pond liner. TPO and PVC are both thermoplastic membranes.

What about ponding water?

single ply roof ponding As much as possible, large, deep ponding water areas should be corrected by installing additional area drains or raising the depressed area to create positive slope.

Water weighs about 8.3lbs/gallon and a large pond will continue to add stress on the structure and create an unsafe condition for the occupants of the building.

Why do I need single ply roof coating contractors?

We specialize in single ply roof coatings. We do more coatings jobs than the average roofer and understand the importance of good surface preparation.

single ply roof repair Anybody knows you can't coat a dirty roof. This roof was actually coated by a low bidder. The roof was not pressure washed and debris was not removed. Roof coatings encapsulated loose screws, nails and foam insulation.

What's sad is the owner spent far more than the $0.15/sf difference to fix this mess!

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