Modified Bitumen Roof Coating

Modified Bitumen roofing is basically built up roofing manufactured into a roll. They are typically two-ply flat roofs systems that are fully adhered and surfaced with sand or granules to protect the asphalt from UV degradation.

MB roofing membranes are often confused with EPDM and are mistakenly referred to as rubber roofs.

What type of modified bitumen roof do I have?

types of modified bitumen roof

Your modbit roof may be APP or SBS modified. For roof coating applications, it really does not matter. Smooth modbit roofs are easier to coat and repair. Granulated modbit will just require more coating. No matter what type of modified bitumen roof you have, roof coatings are a very cost effective way of extending the life of your roof.

What about ponding water?

modbit roof ponding As much as possible, large, deep ponding water areas should be corrected by installing additional area drains or raising the depressed area to create positive slope.

Water weighs about 8.3lbs/gallon and a large pond will continue to add stress on the structure and create an unsafe condition for the occupants of the building.

Why do I need modified bitumen roof coating contractors?

We specialize in modified bitumen roof coatings. We do more coatings jobs than the average roofer and understand the importance of good surface preparation.

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