Metal Roof Coating

No matter what type of metal roof you have, it eventually needs to be coated. Even with advanced surface finishes, rust can still occur when the sheet metal is scratched or drilled during handling and installation.

What type of metal roof do I have?

types of metal roofing
There are a lot of metal roofing profiles available from different manufacturers. Corrugated and r-panel roofs have a greater tendency to leak along the seams and fastener penetrations. Standing seam roofs are a major improvement over these designs but unless the panels are roll formed on-site, field seams eventually fail and cause leaks.

Can you fix metal gutters?

metal gutter repair Yes we can! Metal gutters are usually the first to go in any metal roofing system. Rainwater quickly erodes any protective finish. Ponding water and debris accelerate corrosion. We use roof coatings to stop leaks in gutters too.

Think of it as a seamless gutter liner that keeps working where mastics have failed.

metal interior gutter repair Interior gutters are a nightmare when they leak!

Replacement is very expensive and disruptive as they require a partial disassembly or cutting the ends of the existing roof to to facilitate removal of the bad gutter.
Oftentimes, a matching profile is out of production or is difficult to find.

How are metal roofs restored?

metal roof restoration In a nutshell, the entire metal roof is inspected, any damaged areas are repaired or replaced. Pressure washing remove dirt and debris. Badly rusted areas are treated and metal primer is sprayed all over the roof to inhibit rust. Seams, fasteners, flashings and penetrations are completely sealed before metal roof coatings are sprayed to form a seamless protective membrane.

Why do I need metal roof coating contractors?

We specialize in metal roof coatings. We do more coating jobs than the average roofer and understand the importance of good surface preparation.

metal roof repair
A roof coater knows you just can't keep piling on mastic and hope it fixes the leak. There's about 2 gallons of asphalt mastic on this ridge cap. Everything must be removed before any metal roof coating can be applied.

If you have never used asphalt mastics on your roof, don't start now.

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