Built Up Roof Coating

Built up roofing has been around for ages and has become synonymous with the term flat roofs. Built up roofs have proven durability and performance. As with any low slope roof, ponding water and UV-degradation are common issues.

What type of built up roof do I have?

types of built up roof

Your built up roof may be made of coal tar or asphalt. Smooth or coated built up roofs are easier to coat and repair. Granular or gravel surfaced built ups may need to be spudded and resurfaced with polyurethane spray foam before it can be coated. No matter what type of built up roof you have, we think roof coatings offer a better solution than installing a modbit or single ply over your existing BUR.

Think of roof coatings as SPF for your roof.

built up roof repair Why would you even consider installing seamed, roll roofing over such a good roof? Built Up roofs have 4 or more plies of felt encapsulated in tar or asphalt. It is redundancy like this that makes BURs so durable. Without surfacing like gravel or elastomeric coatings, the asphalt deteriorates and erodes, exposing the felt. It is still possible to restore this roof but don't wait too long.



What about ponding water?

bur roof ponding water As much as possible, large, deep ponding water areas should be corrected by installing additional area drains or raising the depressed area to create positive slope.

Water weighs about 8.3lbs/gallon and a large pond will continue to add stress on the structure and create an unsafe condition for the occupants of the building.



Why do I need built up roof coating contractors?

We specialize in built up roof coatings. We do more coatings jobs than the average roofer and understand the importance of good surface preparation.

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